How to create a newsletter target list

Let's imagine a scenario where you would like to pitch your client to newsletters in a certain niche. You've searched Reletter's database and started to find relevant publications for your topic.

Once you've found a few promising newsletters, the best way to keep track of them is to add them to a list.

Create a new list

The easiest way to start building a list is from the search screen. Enter a topic to search for some newsletters and then tap on the Build a List button:

You'll notice a new Add button that appears next to each newsletter in the search results. Tap on that to add that publication to your new list.

You can also tap on Add to List while viewing the details of a newsletter:

Here you can create a brand new list, or add this publication to one of your existing lists:

View your target list

After you've added a few newsletters to your list you will want to browse it. Click on the Lists button in the top-right corner of any page to see all of your lists:

Click the name of your list to access it:

Your list will look similar to this:

Click on any newsletter in the list to quickly view more details. You can also send pitches, remove newsletters from the list or edit the list's name.

Export your list to a CSV file

You may have your own Excel spreadsheets, CRM system or some other workflow tool and you would like to import your list there. When viewing any list, click on the Export button:

You will be prompted to download the CSV file to your computer. It will contain plenty of data about each newsletter including contact emails, social media accounts and more.

Sharing your list

Learn more about how to collaborate with your team members on a list, or share it with external clients.

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