How to find relevant newsletters for any topic or niche

Reletter makes it easy to find newsletters for the topic or niche that you care about. This guide explains how to use the search engine and gives you some tips and best practices.

Search for any topic

Go to the Home screen to start your search by entering a topic, e.g. real estate investing or marketing.

If your query is more specific you can also search for Titles and Authors. Click one of the tabs above the search input.

Reletter searches across titles and descriptions to find the most relevant newsletters for this topic and orders the results by relevance and estimated subscribers (highest first).

A newsletter appears as active if it has published an issue within the past 45 days.

For certain search queries, you may not be satisfied with the relevancy of the results. In this case you can use one or more of the advanced search filters in order to narrow down your search.

For example, perhaps you only want to see newsletters that accept sponsors or advertisements.

We look for certain keywords and patterns in a newsletter's recent issues to automatically detect whether that newsletter accepts sponsors or not.

pageHow to save your search results as a dynamic list

If you found a highly relevant newsletter you can use the Related feature to find other publications recommended by the authors of this newsletter. This can be a fast way to build a list, and you can easily do so by clicking the button with the three dots and selecting Create new lists from these.

pageUnderstanding newsletter pages

Search operators

You use the following search operators to narrow down your results:



Either terms can match

real OR estate

Both terms must match

real AND estate

Exact phrase

"real estate"

Don't match



(real estate) OR (property investing

See also

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