Sending a pitch

The pitch editor makes it easy to write your pitches inside Reletter. Choose from a range of winning templates, or add your own, and then customize it for each newsletter.

Templates can be used by anyone in your team. Send well-crafted pitches from your own email account or CRM in a couple of clicks.

First tap on Send a Pitch while you're viewing any newsletter:

You will first be prompted to add this newsletter to a new or existing list.

Then choose a purpose for your pitch. What's your goal? The option you choose here will determine the templates you can choose from.

After that you can choose a template, copy a previous pitch (if you've sent any yet) or write your pitch from scratch. If you want to start from a template you'll be given some options to choose from:

You can also choose to create a new template here and it will visible to you and everyone else in your team. It's a great way to save time on future pitches.

Pick a template, or create one. Now it's time to start editing your pitch:

We provide snippets related to the newsletter on the right-hand side to help you with drafting your pitch. Note that your draft will be saved as you type, so you can come back to this later and your changes will be saved.

When you're done editing, you will need to pick a contact by tapping on Choose a Contact:

Choose one of the contacts that Reletter found, or enter any email address if you have one you would like to use:

Next it's time to send your email. If you choose Open in my email client then it will attempt to open the pitch in Gmail, Outlook or any other email software you use. Sometimes this doesn't work, so you should choose Copy the pitch to my clipboard and then paste it yourself inside your email software.

Finally, once you've sent your pitch you should tap I sent my pitch to confirm and this newsletter will be marked as Pitched in the list. You can optionally enable Remind me to follow up and you will be sent an email in three days with a reminder.

That's it. Don't forget you can also quickly send a pitch while viewing a list:

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